Surfing on Internet
What's Cool Mr. Cybersp@ce?
Dutch women discuss many interesting subjects.
Visit Liesbet Zikkenheimer's house or read her travel-stories.
Read Karin Spaink's articles and books.
Meet jazz musician Saskia and visit her concerts.
Discover the many designs in ascii-art.
Send cards to your friends in whatever mood you're in.
The best 1000 sites. Also sold as a book.
Chatting disguised as an avatar. Communicating as in a comic-book. Various rooms and surroundings.
3D-Chats in a virtual reality world. Indoors or outdoors. Register and download.
If you like parody, you are on(line).
Children can complain on a wall.

Translations on the Internet:
Story of The Gambia (click on the rucksack)
On-line Shopping Products

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